Contribute to this Website

Pull Requests are Welcome!

We welcome you to contribute to "WordPress at Scale" on GitHub. We use a version control repository to collaboratively maintain these pages. They have many authors who have contributed over time, and your additional input and insight is welcome!

For more information on how to get started, see the file in the GitHub repository.

Other ways to help

The value of this initiative is as a "center of gravity" for information about WordPress at Scale. If you are supportive of this effort, but don't have specific content contributions, we can still use your help.

Building the resource library

One site will never have all the answers, and so we need help collecting links to valued resources. Do you have a go-to guide you use for solving specific problems at scale? Let us know and we can add it to our resources page.

Spreading the word

Making the most out of this effort means having this content be widely viewed. Help us make others aware of this site: you can tweet it out of course, but more importantly you can reference it in your own work or on other issue threads. Let's put an end to "forum threads to nowhere" by making sure people find the best answers possible.