Meet Our Contributors

The Proverbial "Shoulders of Giants"

The contents of this website are a result of many individual efforts. This page is still a work in progress as we gather everyone's preferred one-line bio, headshot, and link.

Daniel Bachhuber

Daniel Bachhuber is a hardcore about open source. He’s the Principal at Hand Built, maintains WP-CLI, is a contributing developer to the WP-API project, and believes wholeheartedly in the pull request workflow.

Daniel lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with his wife Leah, daughter Ava, and son Charlie. On Fridays at lunch, he likes to take a break and play soccer in the park. If you fancy an invite to his home, he’ll likely make grilled pizza for dinner.

Zack Tollman

Zack Tollman is Lead Developer at WIRED, and has contributed a great deal of code, documentation, and though leadership to the WordPress community when it comes to scale and performance via caching. His blog ( is a must-follow for developers interested in pushing wordpress forward.

Weston Ruter

Weston Ruter is CTO at XWP and has been developing with Web technologies since the late 90's. He has a degree in Computer Science and has long worked to push the envelope of what can be done on the Web. For most of its life, he has been developing with WordPress, and he is an active contributor and committer to WordPress core, focusing on the Customizer.

Scott Walkinshaw

Scott Walkinshaw is one of the members of Roots, providing developers with tools to help them build better WordPress sites.

Josh Koenig

Josh is a co-founder and head of product for Pantheon, the website management plaform for WordPress and Drupal. He has been building the internet for twenty years, including over a decade specializing in high performance, large scale, and enterprise use-cases. He is supremely grateful to all the fine engineers and developers who've mentored him over the years.

Steve Persch

Steve is an Agency and Community Engineer at Pantheon. Steve spent years building WordPress and Drupal sites for non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, and media companies. He also loves contributing code back to the open source community and speaking at camps and conferences.